Top 4 Things to be aware before Waxing


How do we make the irritation due to Wax go away? Often, you just need to wait it out, however there are certain ways to help boosts up this process. Usually people respond well to aloe gel, however using a little hydrocortisone can help you to soothe your skin. How much time

How to break up with someone

How to break up

Parting with someone special has never been easy for the heart. Whatever is the reason of the break-up but if it's your choice then you need to guarantee it does not become an ugly mess. While there is no great method to end a relationship but still here are a

What not to say before a kiss

Your partner and you remain in that magical moment. You are looking into each others' eyes and know exactly what's going to occur next. The anticipation of the kiss is killing you. Simply when you get genuinely close, your partner pulls your cheeks and goes, 'oh, so chubby!' and this

8 unusual ways to enjoy a date

unusual ways to enjoy a date

Those few hours that you spend with your 'special date' appear longer than general, don't they? With butterflies in your stomach and uncontrollable blushes taking control of you, you'd absolutely be anticipating some memorable minutes. Making that date work for you, avoid the 'done to death' candle-light dinners and look

5 ways to spend some ‘WE’ time together

If grumbling got results, we'd all be pleased grumbling and doing nothing else. Yes, you have got it right; stop dropping those grouchy messages to your partner and start dealing with getting some quality time together NOW. It's safe to say that at some point or the other, every couple